Cardas A8 Ear Speakers

A8 Overview

The Cardas A8 Ear Speaker features the world's first Ultra Linear, Contour Field, Dual Magnet Driver - an entirely new dynamic driver with no permeable core, delivering deep bass, strong midrange, and soaring highs.

The body of the A8 is machined from billet brass with a Golden Spiral curve, and finished with a rubberized coating.

The unique cable wraps the conductors around a fiber core, so that the conductors are never stressed when the cable is tugged.

The cable detaches at the center, allowing you to easily switch between the standard cable (with a single 3.5mm TRS plug) to alternative cables with connectors for players with balanced outputs from Ayre, Astell & Kern and Pono.


Using Your A8 Ear Speakers

Before using your A8 Ear Speakers, choose an ear-tip that provides a comfortable fit, and makes a good seal. A small black silicon tip is installed at the factory. This is a popular size & style, and works for many people. However we encourage you to try other tips. Several tips of various styles & materials are provided. The A8 Ear Speakers are also compatible with many of the aftermarket tips available today, including Comply "400" series.

Once an appropriate tip has been selected & installed, make sure the A8's cable is attached, with the 4-conductor (TRRS) plug going into the A8's splitter/connector.

The 3-conductor 1/8" TRS plug connects to your player (iPod/iPhone, Android, etc.).

Turn the sound down on your player before putting the A8 Ear Speakers in your ears and starting your music. Then gradually turn the music level up, not to exceed a reasonable listening level.


The A8 Ear Speakers are ready to use out of the box. However they will improve with time. We suggest 50 hours of break-in, before the A8 Ear Speakers can be considered to have reached their prime.

Break-in can be achieved gradually, through regular use of the A8 Ear Speakers. Break-in can be expedited by letting your A8 Ear Speakers play overnight (or whenever you aren't using them).


Alternative A8 Cables

The Cardas A8 Ear Speakers come with a standard 30" (.75m) main-cable, with a 3.5mm TRS, 45° plug on one end, and a 3.5mm TRRS, straight plug on the other. This cable will work for most applications, such as connecting your A8 Ear Speakers to an iPod, iPhone or Android device.

A8 users who want to use other playback devices, such as the balanced output on an Astell & Kern, Pono, or Ayre's Codex headphone amp, can purchase a separate cable specifically for that purpose.

Ayre Codex / Pono cable: 2x3.5mm TRS-to-3.5mm TRRS

Astell & Kern cable: 2.5mm TRRS-to-3.5mm TRRS


What's Included?

Cardas A8 Ear Speakers package contents:



Cardas A8 Ear Speakers come with a 1 year warranty covering functionality, and a 30 day warranty covering physical deffects that don't affect their operation.

If your A8 Ear Speakers are within the warranty period, and are need of service, please complete our online Return Authorization form (click here), and send them to Cardas Audio for repair or replacement.

When sending your product in for warranty service, please include a copy of your dated sales receipt.


A8 Videos

Getting Started with your Cardas A8 Ear Speakers

Using Alternative Cables with the A8 Ear Speakers

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