Cardas Patended Binding Post

The Cardas Patented Binding Post, designed as an OEM system, can replace most stock binding posts.

The famous "one handed binding post". A single knob tightens both spades of the speaker cable at the same time, without tools.

The contact posts have no nuts or threads to over tighten or strip.

How to order

The Cardas Patended Binding Post system is sold as a complete unit, and can be purchased at any Cardas dealer. A unit consists of a single knob, the top clamp, two posts, the base, and a 1/4-28 allen bolt. To install on a pair of speakers, you will need two units.

All variations start with the part name "CPBP" (Cardas Patented Binding Post), followed by the type & length of posts. When ordering, please specify the type of posts you would like. Options include:

Bare copper, short (CPBP CS)

Bare copper, long (CPBP CL)

Rhodium/Silver plated short (CPBP CRS)

Rhodium/Silver plated long (CPBP CRL).

The plastic knurled knob comes standard. To upgrade to a different knob, please choose from this list:

Anodized black (KAB)

Bare aluminum (KBA)

Aluminum Nautilus (KN)

Custom laser engraved (KAE)

A black, 1/4-28 allen bolt is supplied with each unit. Longer or shorter bolts with the same thread may also be used.