Golden Cross Speaker

At the top of our Cross line of cables, Golden Cross is one of our most musical speaker cables. It is suitable for any loudspeaker, and is internally bi and tri wireable.

Golden Cross Speaker now has a softer, more flexible jacket, with a new color (as pictured).

Technical Specifications:


.600" O.D., Cardas copper, PFA dielectric, 4 x 15.5 AWG & 8 x 11.5 AWG conductors, Golden section, litz, Alcryn jacket (previously had burgundy colored urethane jacket).


Capacitance: 154 pf/ft
Inductance: .0368 uh/ft

Termination Options:

1/4" (6mm), pure copper, rhodium/silver plated spades are standard. 9mm spades, bananas, and Maggy pins also available.

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