2002 South Coast Dixieland Clambake Jazz Festival

Produced by George Cardas, engineered by George Cardas & Stan Ricker.
Recorded:  March, 2002, Coos Bay and North Bend, Oregon

In it¹s fifteenth year, the South Coast Dixieland Clambake Jazz Festival continues to gain recognition for its friendly atmosphere, excellent bands and the beautiful scenery of Oregon¹s South Coast.

  1. "Sweet Mamma Stringbean" by Black Swan Classic Jazz Band, with Marilyn Keller
  2. "San Francisco Bay Blues" by Pat Yankee and Her Gentlemen of Jazz
  3. "Elks Parade" by Kinda Dixie Jazz Band
  4. "Broken Promises" by Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band
  5. "Mojo Blues" by Stumptown Jazz
  6. "Blue Bells" by 10th Avenue Jazz Band
  7. "Po Ya Ya - Gimme Some Water" by Gator Beat
  8. "Orange Colored Sky" by It's About Time Big Band with Diane Whitson
  9. "A Song For You" by Yve Evans & Co.

Produced by: George Cardas
Engineering: George Cardas and Stan Ricker.

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