Bebe Bardot

Sultan of Sultry

Produced by George Cardas

Don't fear, Bebe's deep, rough, sweltry voice is not contagious and the sultry mood he creates seldom lasts longer than three days. Leader of L.A.'s legendary "Woodpeckers", Bardot now brings you his music up close and personal. As a wordsmith, Bebe scrutinizes the human condition with songs that are sometimes sensitive, often irreverent.

  1. Times Are Tough
  2. School Girl
  3. Limited Edition
  4. Get used to it
  5. Billionaire Blues
  6. Half Heaven Half Hell
  7. When I'm With My Girl
  8. Don't Turn It On
  9. That's What They All Say
  10. Don't Mean To Be Mean
  11. Be By Myself

Vocals and Guitar: Bebe Bardot
Back-Up Vocals: Sam Clausen
Percussion: Tom Beckstrum
Bass: Jerry Skol
Bass: Kip Dobler