The Trish Turner Group

Bourbon Rain

Produced by The Trish Turner Group.

Contains 96/24 WAV files.

Bourbon Rain is an album deeply rooted in the long time friendships between Trish Turner, Bill Von Ravensberg and Dick Shreve. 1977 saw their first collaboration when the three toured with Andy Williams. Shreves (Shre vee) harmonic fingerprint can be found on most of the group's arrangements.

  1. I love being here with you
  2. What a difference
  3. It had to be you
  4. Teach me tonight
  5. Since I fell for you
  6. Just in time
  7. Someone to watch over me
  8. Our day will come
  9. That's all
  10. It's all right with me
  11. Beginning to see the light
  12. Bourbon rain
  13. As time goes buy
  14. Here's that rain
  15. They can't take that away
  16. Meaning of the blues
  17. More today than yesterday
  18. My ship

Vocals: Trish Turner
Lead Guitar: Bruce Bishop
Bass: Bill Von Ravensberg
Piano: Dick Shreve
Drums: Lee Spath
Keyboards: Jules Vogel

Produced by: The Trish Turner Group
Executive Producer: Bruce Bishop
Musical Direction: Bill Von Ravensberg
Engineer: Bruce Bishop