Christopher Tree

Spontaneous Sound

Produced by George Cardas and Christopher Tree.

Before he spent 23 years performing in Europe, Christopher Tree presented more than 600 "Spontaneous Sound" concerts in the United States. The majority were held in California and New York. The venues included theaters, clubs, radio, television, prisons (including Sing Sing and San Quentin), juvenile detention centers, childrenĀ¹s and mental hospitals, schools for the deaf, blind and mentally handicapped, Native American, Afro-American and Latino centers, old age homes and convalescent hospitals, nursery, elementary, middle and high schools, universities, the Girl Scouts, "Love-Ins", museums, libraries, churches, parks and sidewalks.

In Europe, he gave concerts in most western countries. He lived in Greece, Germany and Switzerland; then settled in France for 19 years. Here, Christopher continued to hold childrenĀ¹s workshops and concerts with children. He also provided music therapy for the mentally handicapped and Schizophrenics.

Christopher is back in the United States now, where he has spent the last two years on the southern Oregon coast. Spontaneous Sound was recorded in Bandon, Oregon, where the Coquille River returns to the sea. Listen close and you may hear the fog horn at the South Jetty and the not to distant roar of waves on the south beaches. There are no electronic sounds or over-dubbing. When two or more instruments are heard, they are being played at the same time.

  1. Cardboard Voice
  2. Drum Rattles
  3. Square Drum
  4. Xylophone
  5. Flute, Gongs, etc.
  6. Voice in Drum
  7. Drums with Cymbals
  8. Bird Calls
  9. Bird Calls
  10. Bamboo, Bells and Sticks
  11. Percussion Box, Maracas
  12. Flute
  13. Sansa
  14. Bull Roar
  15. Bass Clarinet
  16. Bass Clarinet
  17. Hand, Stick, Drums
  18. Cow Horn, Scraper
  19. Elltara
  20. Scrapper on Drum
  21. Tambourines
  22. Jews Harp
  23. Flute
  24. Deagan Chimes
  25. Orchestral Chimes
  26. Gong and Bass Clarinet
  27. Xylophone
  28. Water Drums
  29. Twirl Drums
  30. Cardboard Voice