The Dobler Effect

Forever Love

Produced by Kip and David Dobler

Contains 96/24 WAV files.

"Forever Love" is an album of instrumentals, by longtime Cardas recording artist Kip Dobler (guitar) and his brother David Dobler (piano & keys).

Forever (Kip Dobler)
Smooth Funky Thing (David & Kip Dobler)
Guitar Tears (David & Kip Dobler)
New Shoe Blue (Kip Dobler)
Shreddin' Wheat (David Dobler)
Piano Fun (David Dobler)
Backseat Driver (Kip Dobler)
Cruisin Home (Kip Dobler)
Love Dance (David Dobler)
Swing Thing (Kip Dobler)
I Don't Know (David & Kip Dobler)
Traveler (Kip Dobler)
You're The One (David Dobler)
Sail On (David Dobler)
A Brother's Love (David Dobler)