The Houghton Sisters


Produced by George Cardas.

"Our special thanks to Mom, for instilling in us by example, the love of music, people and most of all, God. We are now pursuing something we only dreamed about. Your encouragement, love and support mean everything. With all our love, your girls. George, for your generous spirit, allowing dreams to come true. For your time, concentrated effort, bee pollen and patience. Fred, without you, this wonderful adventure wouldn¹t have happened. Brian, Dave, Tim, Tom and John, for your wonderful gifts, hard work and ability to make it all a party. Bob, for the gift of your talent, a valuable treat. Linda, for doing the tedious with a smile Darcy, for relaxed hospitality, fun conversation and laughter. Rick, for kind encouragement from afar. Teri, for widely shared and enthusiastic support. Jay, for always being there; a part of the dream. Our incredible family and friends, for the love that keeps us inspired. God, for your presence, love and all those above. Dedicated with love to Papa, God bless you.

-The Houghton Sisters

  1. Sisters
  2. Operator
  3. Cotton Fields
  4. Timeless and True Love
  5. Remind Me Dear Lord
  6. I'll Fly Away
  7. Blue Shadows On the Trail
  8. Tumblin¹ Tumbleweeds
  9. Let It Roll
  10. Kentucky
  11. Miner¹s Prayer
  12. Don¹t You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die
  13. Too-ra Loo-ra Loo-ral
  14. An Irishman is Shy
  15. Danny Boy
  16. Fisherman's Lassie
  17. Live With Jesus

Vocals: Leah, Lauri and Mary Houghton
Guitar: Tom Wilczek
Guitar: John Plautz
Mandolin: Brian Ibach
Bodhran, Penny Whistle: Tim Smith
Spoons: Dave Brunsman
Cameo Performance: Spanky Cardas