Cardas Spades:

Cardas billet copper spades are used on our own speaker cables, and are also available as OEM/DIY parts.

Cardas spades are sold individually.

Styles: Our premium spades are machined from billet copper. Our economy spades (GRS) are stamped from copper plate, with a gold plated brass beauty sleeve to cover the solder joint.

Platings: Our standard spade plating is a rhodium flash over silver. We also have bare copper spades in some styles.

Sizes: We offer spades for use with 1/4" (6mm) & 9mm binding posts, and for use with .125" barrier strips. There are standard & large hole sizes available in some models.

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CGMS Milled spade, billet copper. Rhodium over silver plating. 0.160" or 0.215" cable terminating hole.
CGMS 9 9mm Milled spade, billet copper. Rhodium over silver plating. One .150" cable terminating hole.
CCMS P Milled billet copper paddle spade with .175" termination hole. Bare copper & rhodium/silver plating available.
GRS U Stepped spade for both 1/4" (6mm) and 9mm spades, the GRS series is stamped from copper.
CCS A crimping spade with two hole sizes, and designed to fit both standard (1/4") and 9mm binding posts.