Pono Accessories

Cardas Audio has worked closely with Neil Young and the rest of the Pono team to match cables and Ear Speakers to the awesome new Pono player.

While the Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers work great as-is with the Pono, they perform even better when re-terminated for balanced operation (two 1/8" plugs), as shown on the left. Your EM5813's can be configured this way for $60 USD. When ordering new EM5813s, specify this termination with your dealer. To have your existing EM5813s re-terminated, please fill out our Return Authorization form, and send them in.

When connecting your Pono to a home stereo, our iLink cable uses the Pono's stereo output, and splits it into left & right male RCA plugs. When connecting to a balanced system, our HPI cable, Clear Light Headphone cable, Parsec Interconnect and Sky Interconnect can be configured into pairs with 1/8" plugs on the Pono end, and male XLR plugs on the pre-amp end.

For automotive use, the Pono can be connected to your car-stereo's 1/8" input jack using our HPI cable.

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