Portable Audio Products:

We produce two models of In-Ear Monitors, headphone cables, and various other Portable Audio products:

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EM5813 Our first IEM, offering deep bass & warmth, cabled with Clear Light Headphone cable.
. A8 Our newest IEM, featuring a revolutionary dynamic driver, and a lightweight cable with options for balanced outputs.
Clear Headphone Cable Our finest headphone upgrade cable, Clear has a separate cable for each channel. With Matched Propagation concentric conductors, it's like a miniature pair of Clear speaker cables.
Clear Light Headphone Cable With Matched Propagation Conductors, Clear Light is a scaled down version of our flagship Clear Headphone Cable.
Cross Headphone The original headphone upgrade cable. Shielded, with four 24.5 AWG Cardas Litz conductors.
Adaptors & Interconnects Various products are available using our HPI (Headphone Interconnect) cable, including 1/4" adaptors and mini-to-mini interconnects.