Cardas Solder

George created our ultra pure, Quad Eutectic solder for the perfect joining of connector to conductor. Quad Eutectic solder contains a proprietary (i.e. we won't tell you) blend of silver, copper, tin & lead. Outside diameter: 0.032"

Counterfeit Warning:

The label on Quad solder changes with each batch. To ensure your solder is authentic, only purchase Cardas Solder through authorized dealers. If purchased through an authorized dealer, it's authentic regardless of the label.

Cardas Solder Products

Quad Eutectic rosin core roll solder is available in 1 lb and 1/4 lb rolls.

Leaded & Lead Free Bar Solder is available in 2 lb blocks.

Rosin Flux Soldering Paste is available in 2 oz containers.

Technical information

Solder Type Materials Melting Point
Cardas Quad Eutectic Roll Sn, Pb, Cu, Ag 364-384º F
Leaded Bar Sn, Pb 360º F
Lead Free Bar Sn, Cu 440.6º F