Cardas Service & Support

Counterfeit Warning

The only way to be absolutely certain that you are purchasing genuine Cardas cables is to purchase new cables from an authorized Cardas dealer or distributor. New Cardas cables come in the correct packaging for the model (see our page on packaging), and come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

As the manufacturer of course you expect us to encourage you to buy new cables. However, we are proud that our cables retain good re-sale value, and want to help second-hand buyers have a good experience.

So... Beware of counterfeits when considering the purchase of second-hand cables. We have come across a number of counterfeit Cardas cables. Some closely match the appearance of genuine cables, others are so poorly done that their print contains typos.

Some things to look for, and consider, with second-hand cables:

  • Most counterfeits are sold on auction websites. Auction sites make it very difficult to remove listings for counterfeit products, often requiring the services of an attorney. This process can be expensive and slow. Ultimately the seller might forfeit their account on the auction website. However they inevitably return with a new user name, and the same offerings of counterfeit cables.

  • Counterfeits of Cardas cables are usually made to resemble older product lines that we no longer produce.

    Be very careful when looking at listings for used Cardas Hexlink speaker and interconnect cables, and Cross interconnects with a dark green or turquoise jacket. Not all of these cables are fake, but this describes many of the current crop of fakes.

  • Before bidding on or purchasing a cable from an auction site, we suggest you contact Cardas Audio, by sending an email to, including a link to the auction. We can not guarantee that a cable is authentic from an auction or a picture, however we can usually guarantee that a cable is counterfeit by these means.

    If you are concerned about the authenticity of your cables, you may be interested in our inspection service. Click here to learn more.