Cardas Service & Support


In order to retain their limited, lifetime warranty, any retermination of Cardas cables must be done at our facility.

To arrange a retermination, click here to fill out our Return Authorization Request Form.

As a general rule, re-terminations are $60 per end. The examples below should give you a good idea of what to expect from a re-termination quote (please see "Notes & Exceptions" below).

Example 1: Cutting a single cable into two cables

Example 2: Cutting a pair of cables cables into two pairs

Example 3: Cutting a pair of cables cables into three pairs

Example 4: Replacing the connectors on a pair of cables

Notes & Exceptions:

1 - The above examples should help you estimate what your re-termination would cost. However these do not constitute an official quote from Cardas Audio. After you submit your RA request, we will contact you with an actual quote for the service you are requesting.

Upon filling out the Return Authorization Request form, you will immediately be given an RA number. However we recommend that you do not ship your cables until we have contacted you with a quote.

2 - While most re-terminations are $60 per end (parts & labor), there are exceptions, such as CG XLR plugs, and forged spades, both of which add to the cost of a re-termination.

3 - Nearly all re-terminations result in some loss of cable. We attempt to minimize this, but you can expect to lose about an inch of cable in most cases. With some cables, you will lose more than this amount. We will let you know what to expect when we provide your quote.

4 - Converting a speaker cable from single to bi-wire results in an additional bi-wire fee, which varies depending on the cable. Converting from bi-wire to single does not incur any additional fees above the $60/per end charge.

5 - Cardas Audio only re-terminates, repairs or services Cardas Audio cables. We do not perform service on any other cables.